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We will not attempt here to cover ground which she has already covered in her articles.

It covered 10 square kilometers and had a population of thirty to fifty thousand.

So I was guilty of lack of judgment at the time, and later I felt guilty about this.

Source: Early Sites Research Society, Newsletter Volume 1, No 1by Neil Steede.

The earliest construction evidence at Cholula dates to the Late Formative period.

In CE 1200, ethnic Tolteca-Chichimeca conquered Cholula.

Then, we went to the site and looked at the strata.Only unbaked-clay whorls may have been used during the earlier periods but these are not preserved in the archaeological record.These are rare from the Formative and the Classic periods but become more prevalent in the Postclassic.There were 110 figurines and no molds were found; although some molds have been found by other archaeologists in the area.[1] From there, trade routes went to the Pacific coast, where the longer Pacific Coast communication and trade route existed.

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